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Numerous such stories have been reported. Piping system anomalies engineering glitches Equipment operational anomalies process and maintenance glitches In many facilities, compressor systems often get little attention from engineering and maintenance staff because process equipment, electrical power, HVAC and steam systems normally occupy more of their time. The main technical priorities for a plant compressed air system should be: Manufacturing process reliability air quality Compressed air system cost control How much do you spend for compressed air? Remember the number one rule of thumb for air systems: We generally recommend that plant air compressors be operated at a maximum 90—95 psig.

Compressed air piping

Plumbing CAD Details users are also interested in Fire – Design and analyze fire sprinkler systems. S-Pipe – Design and analyze domestic supply water piping systems.

TECHNICAL BULLETIN BULLETIN 64 Parallel vs. Series Piping Definitions Parallel-Equally manifolding the inlet water pipe and outlet water pipe in multiple heater installations. Having equal number of fittings; as well as, lengths of pipe.

When we moved into our Canfield, Ohio plant, we had a shop full of air tools and needed to get set up quickly. We ran temporary rubber air hoses with 4-way crosses and quick connectors. Hoses, crosses and connectors were everywhere! Well, it wasn’t long before we started having problems – air drills were failing, air rivet guns would not operate properly, and shears and other air-operated equipment were out of order more often than not.

The reason for this is simple. By using long lengths of air hoses, moisture stayed in a vapor form, which passed through our water separators. It didn’t matter how many water separators we had installed; moisture worked its way into our air tools, causing premature failure. We needed to make a change fast, so we equipped our entire shop with metal piping.

The result was no more burned out air tools, no more clogged air filters and fittings, and our air tools lasted for years! Moral of the story: Even a small shop should have metal piping installed.

Hdpe Pipes and Fittings

Above factors are described below: The shelter shall accommodate the compressor and all its auxiliary units, including the supporting arrangements. Some auxiliary units like the lube oil cooler may be placed outside the shelter. They must have clear access to see and operate the valves, instruments, gauges, switches, lights, etc.

Title: Process Hook Up Drawing Created Date: 8/13/ AM.

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Take a look at PEX for hydronic piping systems

Contained in large holding tanks, RV waste water is usually emptied into a sewer drain with a flexible plastic hose. However, when setup for extended living in a campground or RV park, the holding tank drain may be permanently connected to a sewer drain; this procedure saves the hassle of attaching, removing and cleaning the hose every time the tank is emptied. Take a measurement between the bottom end of the sewer hose adapter and the ground and subtract 2 inches.

Jet pumps are mounted above the well, either in the home or in a well house, and draw the water up from the well through suction (see Single-Drop Jet-Pump System diagram on next page).

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How to design a sprinkler irrigation system for both do-it-yourselfers and landscape professionals. This in-depth tutorial shows you step-by-step how to design a professional quality lawn sprinkler irrigation system. This is a complete course in sprinkler irrigation design and is used as the text for many college irrigation courses.

Drip irrigation is the most efficient, easiest to design, most forgiving, and easiest to install type of permanent irrigation system. A typical 10 year old can handle this project! Drip irrigation is usually the best choice for watering shrub beds and groundcovers.

Residential PEX Water Supply Plumbing Systems Prepared for Plastics Pipe Institute, Inc (PPI) Decker Court Suite Irving, TX and Plastic Pipe and Fittings Association (PPFA) Figure – Laboratory Test Set-up with Five Outlets, Hot Water Tank.

This page is NOT intended to be a “code” book, only a pocket guide. A service line extends from the City’s water or sewer main to the structure receiving the service; it is the owners’ responsibility to install, repair, or replace accordingly. All water service lines must have a minimum of 6 feet of cover. Water Tap Specifications Multiple taps must be spaced a minimum of 12 inches apart and staggered around the pipe circumference.

Water taps must be made in accordance to regulations set forth in the Craig Municipal Code: Tap Permits and Fees All taps water and sewer shall be done by a locally licensed plumber under the direct supervision of a qualified agent of the respective city department. Valve body of solid brass construction, AWWA threaded inlet by flare copper outlet. As shown in Drawing ” B ” Expansion Loop Gooseneck Specifications Must be within 3 feet of the main and be no higher than the main, bent in a position lateral with the main.

Compressed Air Piping Distribution Systems

Compressed air piping Avoid pressure loss and problems with our clear information on compressed air piping. Compressed air flows from your compressor to the end-users pneumatic machines, work stations, etc through your compressed air piping. Big deal, a pipe is a pipe, right?! Of course a pipe is just a pipe. Its purpose is to transport the air without any leakages so you can use it at your machines, air tools, etc. The bigger your compressor and air-demand, the bigger the pipe should be, of course.

In a residence, the home’s drain system is connected to the city sewer by an underground pipe called a lateral line, usually 4 to 6 inches in diameter, installed at a slope to use gravity for water flow.

Frost-proof or freezeproof outdoor hose bibbs or sillcocks. We have no relationship with advertisers, products, or services discussed at this website. This article describes outdoor faucets, hose bibbs, sillcocks, or hose hookups, how they work, where they should be installed, freeze-proofing hose hookups, and troubleshooting or repairing stuck, broken, or dripping outdoor faucets. We describe the component parts of outdoor faucets, how water flows through the faucet, and where drips or leaks occur.

Our photo at page top shows water gushing out of the building wall just above the foundation. The water line just inside the foundation froze and burst. Green links show where you are. Traditional outdoor hose bibbs used in non-freezing climates – Compression Faucets Traditional compression faucets shown at left allow water to flow from the building supply piping out through the faucet mouth by opening turning the valve handle counter-clockwise to the left when looking at the top or face of the handle.

As you can see in our sketch at left courtesy of Carson Dunlop , opening the faucet allows water to flow from the pipe up through a passage cast into the body of the faucet and out the faucet mouth. When this type of faucet is closed, the stem washer presses against the faces of the valve seat to stop water flow. This faucet, when mounted on the wall of a building in freezing climates, is not protected from frost damage and can freeze, break, and subsequently leak when freezing conditions warm up.

Crenger: How to create the P&ID instrument hook-up drawings