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Here we have picked some of the best things to do during your time in La Paz: Read our post on Cholita Wrestling Guided Walking Tour Those traveling to La Paz for the first time will be shocked to discover how congested and chaotic the sprawling city is. Read our post on Red Cap Walking Tour: Operating daily, Zzip the Flying Fox is a high-quality, safe, not to mention fun, activity perfect for those seeking a thrill in Bolivia. Read our post on Zzip The Flying Fox: Read our post on Mi Teleferico: Read our post on Snow Rush:

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The national culture is an amalgam of Hispanic and pre-Hispanic elements with three cultural traditions: At , square miles 1, , square kilometers , Bolivia is the fifth largest country in South America. Bordering Peru and Chile to the west, Argentina and Paraguay to the south, and Brazil to the north and east, it is divided into nine political—administrative units called departments.

La Paz’s most stylish contemporary hotel – in the smart Zona Sur neighbourhood – is a great choice for those who want to see the more Western, residential side of the Bolivian capital.

While most countries do not require a visa to visit Bolivia, you will need a visa in advance if you are travelling from the United States. Start this process as soon as you decide on your dates, up to six months in advance. The following countries do not require visas: Is tipping customary in Bolivia? Not mandatory, but always a nice gesture. Taxi drivers do not expect tips.

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We would be staying here for 3 nights until taking off to Rurrenabaque for our Amazonas adventure more about this in the next blog post. We therefore had 2 full days to explore La Paz. La Paz is also wins the prize for the highest capital city in the world at approx. Main political square in La Paz and there was actually a ceremony while we were there.

Thousands of people, marching band, soldiers, and all that! An interesting street with a bunch of shops selling Bolivia-like souvenirs.

Nov 14,  · La Paz (Bolivia) We arrived to La Paz late in evening with Peru Hop and were dropped at our hotel – Qantu Hotel. We would be staying here for 3 nights until taking off to Rurrenabaque for our Amazonas adventure (more about this in the next blog post).

Through their growth, the Tiwanaku were able to extend their culture and political prowess into surrounding regions, spreading from northern Argentina and Chile through Bolivia to the south of Peru, making them the most important regional power in the southern Andes. The Mystery Surrounding Tiwanaku Today, Tiwanaku remains an enigma, shrouded in mysteries of how, when, and by whom it was constructed. For example, the site is strewn with enormous blocks of stone weighing up to 25 tons that no known pre-Colombian culture had the technology to transport.

The fascinating civilization was truly advanced beyond their years. Though the site of Tiwanaku is still not fully excavated, what is there is remarkable. Structures available for public viewing include:

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Las Paz Photos Here. The next few days a bit of a blur as neither of us well, taking it in turns to relapse. We crossed the border into Bolivia, probably one of the easier crossing of the trip all of us and Icatha in about 1. We did see enough to realise that whilst it may share a name with the famous beach in Rio it has none of the glitz or glamour. Its all about the lake. Karen did manage to lose a pair of my trousers which fell off the window ledge after being washed.

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The main reason I wanted to go to was to see Tiwanaku in La Paz. Originally, we were only going to stay for a few days. Like anything in life, you must use your common sense. There are areas of La Paz that I was advised not to get cameras and phones out etc. But for the whole of my 4 weeks I never felt in danger or as though I had to protect my belongings. Even the stalls and those selling on the streets are not pushy if you do not want to buy.

I was very relaxed here.

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Nigel Richardson A lurch and a swish, a sudden sense of space beneath my feet — and then I plunge headlong into one of the most eyeball-bending views in the world: The headaches and befuddlement induced by high altitude create a mental gauze through which La Paz appears all the stranger. At this point there is no sign at all of La Paz itself. All you see is the Cordillera Real, the jagged range of snow-white peaks rearing in the east like a divan for the gods.

Who would have guessed that down the back of this granite sofa, clinging to invisible ravines, exists an entire city of , people? And then you plunge in, either by toll road or — these days — by cable-car.

Breakfast at the er to the airport for a flight back to La Paz. Free day at your leisure. Spend the day discovering this high-altitude city, which is the administrative capital of Bolivia, and home to a variety of colorful neighborhoods.

We drove to the MultiCine to park the car and then took a minibus headed to the airport for 2. You can also take this minibus from La Avenida Mariscal Santa Cruz if you are not near the multicine. This is not the only way to arrive to the Ceja. Box Office to buy the tickets. First round of luchadores. Guy vs Guy…anxiously awaiting to see the Cholitas! There are no rules in this place…. When we arrived to La Ceja there was already a line outside of the door of about 50 people.

We bought our tickets and got into the line. Head to the sign that says Boleterio when you arrive. This is what the line looks like outside the door. Once the doors open we entered and found that the VIP seating were plastic chairs that were brought to us to place wherever we wanted by the ring.

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During colonial times, Plaza Murillo was the scene of public life, surrounded by beautiful eucalyptus trees and featuring a grand statue of Neptune. Plaza Murillo was also the scene of dramatic political battles, with many Independence leaders killed on or near the plaza. A recent example of this political violence was in when president Gualberto Villarroel was set upon by group of enraged rebels who threw him off a balcony and proceeded to hang him from a lamp-post in the plaza.

Surrounding Buildings On one side of the plaza, is the impressive Cathedral , dating from , on top of a steep hill with its main entrance sitting 12m higher than its base on Calle Potosi. Next to the cathedral is the colonial Government Palace, official residence of the President of Bolivia. Also known as Palacio Quemado Burned Palace , the building is renowned for having the extreme misfortune of twice being gutted by fire.

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This section of old canal ft wide brings waters down from the mountains Canals are certainly a feature of the area which still suffers today from alternating drought and flooding. The image below shows remains of another section of giant canal ft wide just north of Oruro. The satellite technology measures this canal section ft wide. The satellite technology measures another canal ft wide, discharging into the sea, lago UruUru Lake Poopo. Although not as old as Plato’s date, this more recent canal shows how what Plato described is typical of the region.

Ground view of the above canal section containing waters of the rio Desaguadero.

La Paz, Bolivia: “La Paz” 1942 Office of Inter-American Affairs 17min