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Stern-mounted rudder Cogs were a type of round ship, [2] characterized by a flush-laid flat bottom at midships but gradually shifted to overlapped strakes near the posts. They had full lapstrake planking covering the sides, generally starting from the bilge strakes, and double-clenched iron nails for plank fastenings. The keel , or keelplank, was only slightly thicker than the adjacent garboards and had no rabbet. Both stem and stern posts were straight and rather long, and connected to the keelplank through intermediate pieces called hooks. The lower plank hoods terminated in rabbets in the hooks and posts, but upper hoods were nailed to the exterior faces of the posts. Caulking was generally tarred moss that was inserted into curved grooves, covered with wooden laths, and secured by metal staples called sintels. Finally, the cog-built structure could not be completed without a stern-mounted hanging central rudder , which was a unique northern development. In the 13th century they received decks. These early cogs were influenced by the Norse Knarr , which was the main trade vessel in northern Europe at the time, and probably used a steering oar, as there is nothing to suggest a stern rudder in northern Europe until about

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The journey takes minutes. Student and senior tickets cost 72 SEK each way. A ticket for youth under 20 costs 60 SEK each way. Four children up to age 16 travel free with full paying adult. You can’t buy tickets with cash on board, but credit cards are accepted.

Sep 29,  · Original, detailed maps and data of Baltic States – Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia. In a free version you are able to browse maps of Latvia, Lithuania /5().

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There are an estimated Art Nouveau buildings in the city dating from the late th and early th century. Page, a trendy new bookstore along Miera Street in Riga. This is the fruit and vegetable hangar. A Baltic surprise With its mediaeval past, multicultural presence and myriad tourist attractions, compact Latvia is worthy of a closer look. Sep 2, 5: It has a history as a trading port; tourism, high-tech and finance are major industries and visitors will feel a comforting sense of calm whether touring the countryside or walking along city streets.

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Nutrient run-off from agriculture and urban sewage are thought to be to blame. When these organisms die and sink to the seafloor, bacteria set to work decomposing them, using up oxygen in the process. The resulting lack of oxygen not only curtails habitats for creatures that live on the seafloor, but also affects fish stocks and can lead to blooms of toxic cyanobacteria. But it is not a problem confined to the Baltic.

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Russia ‘trying to make some sort of a point’ 19 Feb If Russia were to threaten Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania, there is one simple reason why the ensuing crisis would dwarf everything in Ukraine. As members of Nato, all three countries are protected by the North Atlantic Treaty. So conflict that begins on the shores of the Baltic could, in extremis, escalate into one that threatens the survival of humanity.

For this reason, a Russian invasion remains highly unlikely. The greatest danger is that Mr Putin would use methods that fall short of classic invasion. The crisis in eastern Ukraine began with the occupation of public buildings by people who proclaimed their loyalty to Russia. At first, these masked men were armed with sticks and baseball bats. When they took over City Hall in Donetsk, everything continued around them, with officials holding a meeting on the municipal drains as the first barricade went up.

From the beginning, Russian special forces and military intelligence were providing the planning, muscle and logistics. This artful combination of propaganda, street unrest, subversion and brutal guerrilla warfare wrested a large slice of eastern Ukraine from Kiev.

Gateshead’s Baltic Quarter breaks ground on £13m Riga development

That and the sheep mentality of everyone jumping on the bandwagon and going to Nikolayev on bride tours because some sites organize them but none do so with the Baltics. Brits go there a lot, though, but they have a bad reputation there now. It used to be that Latvian girls would line up to dance with a Brit, but they no longer do so. Allegedly, one British drunk created an uproar there when he, in the early s, I think, pissed on a national monument to Nine Latvian Martyrs or something of the sorts had who died at the hands of the Russians.

These countries have a long and tortured history of foreign occupation, persecution and deportation.

The Baltic Coast city of Gdansk is Poland’s premiere seaport and also an important industrial center. A visually-stunning city with breathtaking waterfront scenes along the Motlawa River, Gdansk is a joy to explore and is often described as very un-Polish; it bears little resemblance to the country’s other major cities, including Warsaw.

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It’s history is intriguing. The Imo, a Norwegian ship, was behind schedule and in a hurry to leave. The Mont-Blanc, a French munitions ship, had arrived from New York the day before but was held back having arrived too late to pass through the submarine nets.

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Tallinn, Estonia The Tallinn cityscape is punctuated by its many medieval towers and city wall dating back to the 13th Century. Go up to Toompea Hill, a fortified enclave of the city that feels like a separate town. It is synonymous with Estonian rule and nowadays is home to the national parliament. Facing west onto the Latvian sea, this small town and its hinterland is made up of five villages, four rivers and is famous for its sunset.

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Edit There is patchy nomicultural indications that the pre-Baltic settlers in East Prussia generally named their settlements after the local streams, lakes, seas, or forests by which they settled. The subsiquent clans and tribals then took the name of the place they had settled in. For example, the name “Barta”, is “the home of the Barti” and is related to the name of the Bartis River in Lithuania.

The variouse tribal names of the Prussian tribes apparently are reflected in the theme of the local landscape and were based on a respect for water, an logical theme since the land dotted with thousands of lakes, streams, and swamps the Masurian Lake District. To the south, the terrain runs into the Pripet Marshes at the headwaters of the Dnieper River; these have been an effective barrier over the millennia. Poland’s Konrad I, Duke of Masovia , appealed to the Knights to defend his borders and subdue the neighbouring pagan Baltic Prussians in Finn history and archaeology Edit Finnic languages, the languages of the Finnics, were members of the Finno – Ugric family.

Estonians and the nearly extinct Livonians are related to Finns, and, much further, Hungarian. Finno – Ugric peoples Edit Archaeological evidence sugests, the area now comprising Finland was first settled at the latest around 8, BCE during the Finnish part of the Stone Age as the ice sheet of the last ice age receded. The first known human evidence dates from about 8, BCE and are of the post-glacial era. The Fishing net of Antrea, one of the oldest fishing nets ever excavated, dates from about 8, BCE.

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