13 monkeys killed in fire at Woburn Safari Park

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July 11, Oxford University A group of wild capuchin monkeys in Brazil have used stones as tools to prepare their favorite meal of cashew nuts for more than years, according to a new study. The researchers observed young monkeys learning to use stones as tools from older monkeys at recognizable “cashew-processing sites,” such as around the base of a cashew tree.

After selecting and using heavy “hammer” stones on heavier “anvil” stones to pound open a nut, the monkeys discarded the stones in piles at the processing sites, where other monkeys would later select stones to use. Last month, Haslam and other scientists published research in the Journal of Human Evolution about archeological evidence for tool use by wild macaques in Thailand, which showed they have been using stones to open shellfish and nuts for at least 50 to years.

A giant leap for monkeys Michael Gumert, a primatologist at Nanyang Technological University in Singapore and a co-author with Haslam of the research paper on tool-using macaques in Thailand, told Live Science that the evolution of tool use in primates could have arisen in part from learned traditions and in part from genetic adaptions.

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WhatsApp The ancestors of monkeys, apes and humans were thought primarily to have originated in Africa, but now what may be the oldest examples of such fossils discovered yet on the continent suggest these primates might have originally arisen in Asia, researchers suggest. The dating of the newfound fossils is controversial, however. The origin of anthropoids — the simians, or “higher primates” — has been hotly debated for decades among scientists.

Although a series of fossils unearthed in Egypt have long suggested that Africa was the cradle for anthropoids, other bones revealed in the last 15 years or so raised the possibility that Asia may be their birthplace. Now paleontologists have revealed the earliest known African anthropoids found to date — three previously unknown kinds of the primates from Dur At-Talah in central Libya that apparently date back 38 million to 39 million years ago.

The fossils were also quite distinct from each other, showing that anthropoids were significantly more diverse at that early time in Africa than scientists had thought. This diversity is what suggests previous origins in Asia. The findings might suggest these primates spent far more time evolving and diversifying than before considered, but the researchers contend that anthropoids seem absent at earlier sites in Africa. As such, “this sudden appearance of such diversity suggests that these anthropoids probably colonized Africa from somewhere else,” Beard said.

If that never happened, there would be no mankind. Jaeger defended the ages, noting that other fossils they discovered at the site and magnetic details in the rocks supported their interpretation.

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Firefighters were called to the scene, just off the M1 by Milton Keynes, but said none of the 13 monkeys in the jungle drive-through enclosure could be saved. Shocking video shows dangerous cycling in St Neots They continued: Woburn Safari Park Image: SWNS “They fought the fire using fire hoses while wearing breathing apparatus to protect themselves from the smoke and fumes. What are Patas Monkeys?

Patas monkeys originate from Africa, where they live in open grassland, wooded savannahs and dry woodland.

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In this relationship, the Male Snow Monkey is the smaller of the two animals but is still allowed by the female Sika deer to mount her. The few cases of heterospecific mating described between individuals from distant species were reported in animals that were bred and maintained in captivity. Only one scientific study describes this phenomenon, reporting sexual harassment of king penguins by an Antarctic fur seal de Bruyn et al.

At the end of the mating behaviour, some penguins were killed and eaten. A fur Seal sexually abusing a Penguin Wait!

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This article contains a passage, in which the author refers to himself with his first name: In light of this self-reference and the writing style, which is quite different from that in Hugo Rheinhold’s other publications , I had to abandon my initial assumption that this article was authored by Hugo Rheinhold. Also appeared, with slight variations, in the Rhein-Lahn-Kurier, June 9, , p.

Also appeared, with slight variations, in the Rhein-Lahn-Kurier, August 24, , p. A copy is included in the Special Collection of the Aberdeen Medico-Chirurgical Society library according to the inventory list put together by its honorary librarian, Alexander Adam, June Morgan, Roberta Gordon and Adam G. It was this article that got me started with my own research. Further images of Rheinhold’s work are also found in the following article, which deals with a different subject: Aus der Ethischen Bewegung].

Samuel Kristeller und Hugo Rheinhold. Allgemeine Zeitung des Judenthums. Beilage zur “Allgemeine Zeitung des Judenthums.

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March 18, The old-world monkeys are native to Africa and Asia today, and include many familiar primates, such as baboons and macaques. Unlike the new-world monkeys of the Americas, tails of old-world monkeys are never prehensile, or able to grasp things.

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Woburn Safari Park fire: 13 monkeys killed due to possible generator fault

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Share this article Share He said: The blaze wiped out all of the park’s Patas monkey troop, and, according to website UK Zoos, the only other place in the UK that houses them is Colchester Zoo in Essex. The Patas monkeys are the park’s most-loved animals because they often climb on cars as visitors drive through and staff are said to be devastated today. Fire Station Commander at Kempston Paul Goddard was speaking after the devastating blaze on Tuesday The Patas monkey enclosure is in the centre of the park pictured and is one of its most popular attractions All of the 13 monkeys living in the winter enclosure at the Woburn Safari Park stock image of Patas monkeys at the park died following the fire Animal lovers were quick to share their sadness after hearing that the 13 monkeys had perished in the fire.

Martin Underhay wrote on Twitter: We love monkey world and so sad to see so many of these incredible animals being killed at Woburn. We always loved seeing the monkeys at Woburn-Safari. Thoughts with everyone dealing with this. Horrid news to wake up to. Thirteen monkeys killed, another reason why animals should not be caged up in a zoo, firstly London Zoo now this shame on the owners.

This is just a terrible freak accident. Emergency services were called at 2. They rushed to the scene but none of the 13 animals inside could be saved. Fire crews rushed to the Woburn Safari Park in Bedfordshire in the early hours of Tuesday Staff at the park in Bedfordshire pictured were said to be distraught after the fire in the early hours of this morning A spokesman for the safari park confirmed it is open today and said:

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